How babies view the world

Romesh Angunawela, consultant eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, worked with eye clinic Clinic Compare to develop a GIF that shows how babies view the world around them during their first year. A child’s vision changes rapidly every month during their first year – this GIF shows that children can’t focus on their parents' faces until they're around three months old and even then their vision doesn't fully mature until they're almost two.

From the moment a baby first opens their eyes the visual cortex of the brain begins to learn to process the flood of visual information it receives.

After three months babies start to focus and can recognise the faces of their parents or care givers. From here vision develops steadily and by the age of two a child’s sight will be almost fully developed.

Speaking to Business Insider, Mr Angunawela said:

"At birth, a baby sees things more clearly at 8-10cm, but their range of vision extends as they grow. [The ability to focus] may coincide with their first smile as facial muscle coordination also develops apace. [Vision development] coincides with increased interest and exploration of the world around them."

Watch the GIF (via The Metro) to see how new born babies start to focus on the world around them.

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