Average waiting times

The information below relates to all patients on an elective waiting list. Waiting time information is not applicable for patients on a cancer pathway.


What does this mean?

  • The waiting time information provided is updated each week and is based on data provided by each hospital trust.
  • The average waiting time for first outpatient appointment is the average waiting time for your first appointment with a clinician having been referred by your GP. This may be face-to-face, online or by telephone.
  • The average waiting time for treatment is the average waiting time for treatment which may include a procedure or treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting.
  • Average waiting time is the average (mean) of all patients waiting within the specialty at each hospital trust.
  • Some patients will wait less time than the average and some patients will wait longer than the average waiting time.
  • Patients are being managed based on clinical urgency and therefore waiting times can vary depending on each patient's clinical condition.


Your right to treatment within 18 weeks

Under the NHS constitution, all patients have the right to begin consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of being referred by their GP. Moorfields is committed to fulfilling this right, but if you feel that we have failed to do so, please contact our patient advice and liaison service (PALS) who will be able to advise you further (see above).

For more information about your rights under the NHS constitution, visit https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/your-choices-in-the-nhs/