Our strategy

Our 2022 - 2027 strategy brings together all aspects of our work across clinical care, research and education and applies to our NHS and private services, both in the UK and internationally.

You can read our Moorfields Eye Hospital strategy in full.

Our new strategy builds on our previous five year strategy published in 2017 and responds to the significant changes in the world around us that affect what we do. Along with listening to extensive feedback from our patients, carers and staff, there were four key factors that shaped our new strategy:

  • The Covid-19 pandemic
  • System orientated working
  • Digital opportunities
  • Our proposed centre for advancing eye health


Our excellence portfolio – how we will deliver our strategy

Over the next five years we will deliver our strategic vision through our excellence portfolio, made up of five programmes.

1. Working together programme – we will work together with key partners including UCL, Moorfields Eye Charity and the Friends of Moorfields to support our purpose, and to deliver Oriel, our new centre for advancing eye care, research and education

2. Discover programme – we will discover new treatments and clinical pathways for excellent eye care

3. Develop programme – we will develop our clinical pathways, our physical and digital network and our operational systems, to provide reliably excellent eye care

4. Deliver programme – we will deliver a workforce able to support future care models and a consistently excellent patient and staff experience, in accordance with our values

5. Sustainably and at scale programme – we will ensure that more people can access excellent eye care sustainably and at scale, reducing waste and inefficiency