Electrophysiology department

Our Electrophysiology Department (Electrodiagnostic Department or EDD) is one of the world's largest and sees about 3,000 patients/year.

There are nine fully-equipped laboratories including six on the City Road main site and three in the Richard Desmond Children's Eye Centre (RDCEC) for diagnostic or monitoring  purposes, but the department is also involved in clinical trials and research and fulfils many teaching and training commitments.

Visual electrophysiology is often pivotal for the diagnosis and characterisation of retinal and visual pathway disorders. It enables the objective, non-invasive testing of macular, retinal and optic nerve function, including functional assessment of different retinal layers and retinal cell types. The tests are performed to aid diagnosis but may also be used to monitor disease stability or efficacy of treatments. 


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The main visual electrophysiology tests

The International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV) has published standards, guidelines and extended protocols for the main electrophysiological techniques, widely adopted worldwide for electro diagnosis or used for research and multi-centre clinical trials. The Department contributed to the formulation and publication of all of the Standard methods, and they are incorporated into our routine test protocols. The main tests include full-field electroretinography (ERG), pattern ERG, multifocal ERG, different forms of visual evoked potential (VEP) and electro-oculography (EOG).



Patients can be referred from consultant-led clinics, either within Moorfields or from other hospitals.

Please email referrals to us on a headed letter or form to moorfields.electrophysiology@nhs.net 


Please note

Occasionally, extra appointments become available at short notice. We keep a list of patients to contact in these circumstances. If you wish to add your name to our list, please phone the department to let us know.

Electrophysiology Department

Monday to Friday, 9am- 4:30pm


Call 020 7566 2120