All GP referrals to Moorfields Eye Hospital services will need to be made via the e-referral system.

Moorfields Eye Hospital will not accept any GP referrals made outside of this system.

An agreed process will be in place to ensure that there is no delay processing urgent and two week wait referrals.


Important information about referrals for community optometrists

Community optometrists can now send referrals directly to a new Single Point of Access (SPoA), which routes them to the patient’s preferred hospital for triage and management. This new pathway will improve referral processing and reduce patient journey time from point of referral to hospital appointment. The Single Point of Access facilitates service innovations including centralised triaging, the launch of an advice and guidance service, the provision of targeted optometrist education and referral feedback, and dynamic digital modelling, to improve access to hospital resources.


Important information about referrals for GPs

When referring a patient to our services, please ensure that the referral includes a full medical history and a full drugs and allergies history. If you envisage a surgical outcome, please include information which may be useful for an anaesthetist, such as cardiac investigation reports and whether the patient is able to lie flat.

Providing this information will help enhance patient safety and reduce delays in ‘referral to treatment’ time and cancellations. It will also prevent our team from having to request further information from primary care teams later in the patient pathway.