Corporate directorates

Our corporate directorates complement and support our clinical teams. Each is led by an executive director and covers a range of functions.


Corporate governance

The corporate governance team includes legal services, risk and safety, Freedom of Information requests, and information governance – ensuring the protection of patient identifiable information.



This directorate covers all aspects of our extensive research and development activity and works closely with our partners at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.  It includes oversight of the National Institute for Health Research biomedical research centre based across at Moorfields and the Institute. 



The finance team covers financial management and reporting, procurement, contracts, payroll services and information technology. 


Human resources

Human resources includes personnel services, recruitment and retention, learning and development, staff reward, recognition and support, and organisational development.


Medical directorate

The medical directorate is responsible for the professional development of doctors at all levels, and for the quality and safety of clinical services across the trust.


Nursing and allied professionals

This directorate is responsible for the professional development of nurses and other allied health professionals, which include optometrists, orthoptists and pharmacists at Moorfields.  The team also leads patient experience work across Moorfields, and includes our integrated support service, comprising the complaints department, Certificate of Visual Impairment staff, eye clinic liaison officers and nurse counsellors. 



The operations team ensures the smooth day-to-day running of the trust.  All clinical directors report to the chief operating officer to ensure a link between clinical and corporate services. 


Strategy and partnerships

This directorate is responsible for the continuing development and implementation of Moorfields' strategy, as well as for leading annual planning and business development activities.  The project to deliver a new centre to replace our City Road hospital sits within this directorate as do PR and communications activity.


Last updated: 15 March 2024