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We have many different ways to contact us depending on your needs.

For specific clinic and hospital details visit our locations directory.

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For specific clinic and hospital details visit our locations pages

General information

Cancel / change your appointment

Please note that our phone lines are extremely busy so please do email us if possible, and remember to include your full name, patient / NHS number, DOB, postcode and the best number to contact you on. 


Call 0207 566 2357 Email to change or cancel your appointment

General enquiries

If you can't find a direct dial number for what you need, or have a general inquiry, please call the main switchboard on 0207 253 3411.

Your call will be answered by an automatic system which will ask you for the name or department you require.  If you don't know who you need, simply say 'operator' and you'll be put through to one of our switchboard staff who will be able to put you through to the right person or department.

Any medical queries should be discussed in the first instance with your GP or optician or via the NHS 111 service. 


Call 0207 253 3411

Press Office

 We are available from Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm.

If you have an urgent media enquiry out of hours, please call the main switchboard on 020 7253 3411 and ask to speak with the press officer on call.


Call 0207 566 2628 Email Moorfields communications team

Raise a query or concern

In person: You can visit the complaints manager in the PALS office which can be found on the ground floor of our City Road hospital between 9am and 5pm.


Call 020 7566 2324 Email to raise a query or concern

Make a formal complaint

The complaints manager
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
162 City Road


Call 020 7253 3411 Email to make a complaint

Moorfields Private

Moorfields Private is the London-based private division of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Their financial surplus is re-invested back into Moorfields to support NHS services.


Call 0800 328 3421

Membership council

As an NHS Foundation Trust, Moorfields Eye Hospital is a membership organisation, accountable to our members.


Call 0207 566 2490 Contact membership council

Data Protection Officer

Data protection officers (DPOs) assist you to monitor internal compliance, inform and advise on your data protection obligations, provide advice regarding Data Protection Impact.


Email DPO

Patient transport assessment centre

For queries about patient transport.


Call 0333 240 4909


Cashiers reimburse costs Monday to Friday 9.30am-4pm.

For afternoon appointments please visit the cashiers’ office before your appointment.

Cashiers do not deal with transport inquiries.


Call 0207 566 2400 Email cashiers

Moorfields Vacancies

If you want to be part delivering world class eye health services and you share our values: excellence, equity, and kindness, please view our vacancies.

Apply for a role

Website team

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations for the website please contact the website team.


Email the website team

Urgent care

Moorfields A&E at City Road

This is a 24-hour service for eye emergencies only. 

162 City Road,




Call us

St. George’s Hospital Urgent Care Clinic

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at St. Georges

Blackshaw Road,

SW17 0QT


Call us

Moorfields Direct

Our helpline is staffed by knowledgeable ophthalmic nurses from:

  • 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday.
  • 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. 


Call 0207 566 2345

Virtual Consultation

Moorfields A&E online video consultation (Attend Anywhere) service.

A&E runs a video consultation service, which can be accessed at any time without an appointment, using the City Road - A&E Virtual Registration

Appointment information


The team in this service treats the tissues surrounding the eye ball, including the eyelids, extra-ocular muscles, socket and tear system.

Call 020 7566 2709 or 020 7566 2746


Call 020 7566 2709


The team in this service treats cataract, a common eye condition, in which the lens becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision.

Call 020 7566 2712 or 020 7566 2745


Call 020 7566 2712

Children’s services

The team in this service offers a full range of treatments for children’s eye conditions, both in our dedicated children’s centre and in community locations.

Call 020 7566 2715


Call 020 7566 2715

External disease and corneal

The team in this service treats conditions related to the outside of the eyeball, including keratoconus, corneal ulcers and infections, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and dry eyes.

Call 020 7566 2706 or 020 7566 2711 or 020 7566 2474


Call 020 7566 2706

General ophthalmology

The team in this service, which is sometimes also known as primary care, treats general eye problems and those that might need referral to one of our more specialist services.

Call 020 7566 2089


Call 020 7566 2089


Glaucoma is the name given to conditions in which eye-pressure related optic nerve damage occurs. Glaucoma is treated by lowering the pressure in your eyes. 

Call 020 7566 2707


Call 020 7566 2707

Medical retina

The team in this service treats conditions at the back of the eye, which are treated medically using drugs, eye drops or lasers, and includes diabetic eye screening. 

Call 020 7566 2312 or 020 7566 2313


Call 020 7566 2312


Our neuro-ophthalmology team deals with disorders affecting the nerve pathways that connect the eyes to the brain.


Call 020 7566 2219

Ocular prosthetics

Our ocular prosthetics department is the largest of its type in the UK. The team here fits and manufactures a complete range of custom-made ocular prostheses (artificial eyes).

Call 020 7566 2478


Call 020 7566 2478


We provide an in-house service for head and orbit (eye socket) CT scans, a variety of x-rays and dacrocytograms.

The radiology service is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding bank holidays).


Call 020 7566 2064

Refractive surgery

The refractive surgery team uses precision laser eye surgery techniques and specialised lens implants to correct focusing problems such as short sight (myopia), long sight (hypermetropia), irregular focus (astigmatism) and loss of reading vision (presbyopia).


Call 020 7566 2205

Retinal therapy unit

The team in the retinal therapy unit provides treatments for age-related macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion and diabetic macular oedema. 


Call 020 7566 2311

Strabismus (squint)

Our squint team works closely with clinicians in our children’s service, as squints can affect between 3% and 5% of all children. 


Call 020 7566 2705

Viteroretinal clinic

The team in this service treats conditions at the back of the eye which require surgical intervention. Vitreoretinal surgery refers to any operation to treat eye problems involving the retina, macula, and vitreous fluid.

Call 020 7566 2700 or 020 7566 2717


Call 020 7566 2700 Email viteroretinal team


For all other sites (including City Road), please contact the team for your service or the appointments team on 0207 566 2700

Northwick Park

Contact the Northwick Park team


Call 0207 702 5543 Email Northwick Park


Contact the Croydon team


Call 0208 401 3128 Email Croydon


Contact the Purley team


Call 0208 401 3128 Email Purley


Contact the Parkway team


Call 0208 401 3128 Email Parkway


Contact the Sanderstead team


Call 0208 401 3128 Email Sanderstead


Contact the Ealing team


Call 0207 702 5546

St Ann's

Contact the St Ann's team


Call 0207 566 2841 or 0208 211 8323

St George's

Contact the St George's team


Call 0207 702 5542

Potters Bar

Contact the Potters Bar team


Call 0207 702 5550

Moorfields at Stratford

Contact the Stratford team


Call 0208 702 5551


Contact the Barking team


Call 0207 566 2744

All other clinics

The appointments team can help for all other services and sites.


Call 0207 566 2700

Patient support teams

Eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs)

For practical information and rehabilitation advice on living with sight loss.


Call 0207 566 2718

Certificate of Visual Impairment team (CVI)

For information and advice about formal registration of visual impairment.


Call 020 7566 2355


Emotional support, information and advice for patients and their relatives.


Call 020 7566 2385

Patient advice liaison service (PALS)

Providing confidential advice and support, assistance sorting out any concerns and guiding patients through the different services available.


Call 0207 566 2324 or 0207 566 2325 Email PALS


Cataract surgery

Contact the cataract surgery team


Call 0207 566 2970


Contact the oncology team

Select option 3


Call 0207 566 2357

Medical retina

Contact the medical retinal team

Monday to Friday 8am-4.30pm 


Call 0207 566 2472 Email medical retina

Uveitis clinic

Contact the uveitis clinic


Email uveitis clinic


Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm.  

Out of hours contact call 020 7253 3411 or visit our A&E at City Road, open 24 hours for eye emergencies only.


Call 020 7566 2369

Infection control team

Your call will be answered by an automatic system which will ask you for the name or department you require.  


Call 0207 253 3411

Contact lens orders

Staff in our contact lens service treat patients whose vision cannot be improved with spectacles, but can be improved with contact lenses.

Appointment information 020 7566 2357

Contact lens orders 020 7566 2100


Call 020 7566 2100

Eye bank

The department provides material (tissue) required for scheduled surgery; sclera, corneas, amniotic membrane and fascia/pericardium.


Call 0207 253 1199

Low vision assessment (LVA)

Where good vision cannot be achieved with spectacles or contact lenses, patients can be assessed in our low vision clinic.


Call 020 7566 2105 Email the LVA team

Spectacle dispensing

Staff in this service provide spectacles for adults and children to treat certain eye conditions.  Our spectacle dispensing service is one of the largest of its type within the UK.

Other clinical queries 020 7566 2101

Call 020 7566 2103

More Moorfields

Education and training

If you have a question regarding a course at Moorfields.


Email the education team

Moorfields Eye Charity

You can also visit Moorfields Eye Charity website


Call 0207 566 2565 Email Moorfields Eye Charity

Friends of Moorfields

You can also visit Moorfields Friends website


Call 0207 251 1240 Email Moorfields Friends

Research and innovation

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,
2nd floor, 162 City Road,


Email research and innovation