Moorfields governor election results

At Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, our elected and nominated governors represent the interests of our members, who are patients, staff, and members of the public. As part of our membership councils, they form a link between Moorfields and the communities we serve, and ensures that the voice of the public, patients, service users, carers and staff is used to inform the trust’s decisions, improve care and enhance the patient experience.

Thank you to all nominees who took part in our 2024 governor elections, which concluded on 28 March 2024. 

The results are as follows:

  • Staff Constituency - Network Sites: Yasir Khan
  • Staff Constituency - City Road: Amit Arora
  • Public Constituency - North East London & Essex: Sean Cooke
  • Public Constituency – North Central London: Paul Murphy and Robert Goldstein
  • Public Constituency - North West London: Vijay Arora and Dinesh Solanki
  • Public Constituency – South East London: Professor Suryanarayana (Naga) Subramanian
  • Patient Constituency: Rob Jones and Ursula Smartt
Moorfields governor election results

Elected governors serve a term of three years, after which they can be re-elected. The membership council will meet at least four times a year.

23 March 2024