Windows of the Soul exhibition opens at City Road

This new exhibition of artwork inspired by the visual experience of patients and members of the public who are affected by a range of eye conditions formally opened on Wednesday 24 May from 6.00 – 7.00pm. The artwork is highly diverse, from paintings to print and tactile to visual.

At this event, artists and arts and heritage committee members explained more about the exhibits and how art can help people process emotions, heal and make sense of the world.

Caroline Kilduff (specialty registrar and digital fellow), Siegfried Wagner (clinical research fellow) and Jane Clipston (photographer and volunteer member of Moorfields’ arts and heritage committee) have curated the exhibition. They think the eyes are not just windows to the soul, but to the whole body.

Artists featured include Samantha Leftwich, Aleid Channing and Michael Bosworth.

Aleid has a condition which causes her to have double vision. She described what she saw in Lindsey Whitelaw’s original painting ‘Workshop’ and Lindsey painted a second piece to describe her response, both being displayed together. (These are the pictures featured in the image attached to this story).

The exhibition is rolling, which means that later this year other artists’ work will be displayed, including work by Amy Izat that will focus on the areas of her vision that are missing.

The exhibition is located on the ground floor at Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road (near the optometry corridor) and is free of charge.

Hear from Amy about her journey and how this is represented in her artwork.




24 May 2023