Relocation of Moorfields Community Eye Clinic at Teddington Memorial Hospital

As part of Moorfields’ commitment to maintaining the high standards our patients expect, we regularly review the services we’re providing at each of our clinics. Following a recent review of our clinic at the Teddington Memorial Hospital, we have decided to relocate the Teddington service to ensure that the eye care services we provide are sustainable and provide excellent quality.

The review incorporated analysis of referrals, activity, equipment and staffing as well as a patient engagement survey. The key findings were:

  • There has been a reduction in patient referrals to our Teddington service
  • Fewer referrals means that high value equipment is only being used once a week, when it could be used more frequently in other locations
  • Clinics are being cancelled due to difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff at Teddington
  • Relocating the Teddington clinic would result in some patients having to travel further for their appointments.

Following consideration of all this information, we have decided that the best option is to relocate the service, to ensure that patients receive the very best eye care, patient experience and treatment. From 21 January, patients being treated at Teddington will be allocated appointments at clinics in other nearby sites including Ealing Hospital, Nelson Health Centre, St George’s Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital.  

Moorfields apologises to all patients whose journey time will increase as a result of the relocation, however we hope that the relocation will result in an overall improvement to the quality of service that we are able to deliver.

If you are a Moorfields patient at Teddington Memorial Hospital and would like to discuss the options for rescheduling your next appointment, please call 07872 987 870 and leave a message and one of the team will get back to you.


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