Moorfields elects new governors

Moorfields Eye Hospital has recently elected new governors to its membership council. This year the trust received the largest number of nominations it has ever had, with 64 nominations to fill seven seats.

As an NHS foundation trust, Moorfields is accountable to its members, who are patients, staff and residents in the communities where we run services. Our members are represented by elected and nominated governors who form our membership council. The governors in the membership council play an important role in supporting the hospital and in representing the interests of foundation trust members and stakeholders to the board of directors and the management of the trust. They also have decision-making responsibilities in a number of key areas.

We are pleased to confirm that the following new governors were elected:

·       Vijay Arora (North West London public constituency)

·       Marcy Ferrer (Patient constituency)

·       Vijay Tailor (Staff: City Road constituency)

The following governors were re-elected:

·       Richard Collins (North East London & Essex constituency (previously a governor in the patient constituency)

·       Rob Jones (Patient constituency)

·       Paul Murphy (North Central London constituency)

·       Naga Subramanian (South East London constituency)

We also say goodbye to three governors – Manzur Ahmed, Ella Preston and Brian Watkins – and we would like to thank them for their hard work and involvement in the trust. All of our governors are volunteers and give their time to us because they want to give something back. We appreciate all the hard work they do and the contribution they make.

To contact your governor, please send an email to

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