Moorfields celebrates World Sight Day

Moorfields Eye Hospital is proud to celebrate World Sight Day on October 10. Led by The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, World Sight Day aims to bring global attention to issues surrounding sight loss at a time when the World Health Organization statesat least 2.2 billion people worldwide are partially sighted or living with sight loss.

To mark the occasion, Moorfields has produced the following video to highlight the impact the importance of World Sight Day:

We have also produced a video discussing the challenges facing eye care and what Moorfields is doing to address this:

Adam Mapani, nurse consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, commented: “I think this generation are in such a fantastic position to make things better in the provision of eye care. This generation, with like-mindedness for innovation and invention, we can improve patient pathway, clinical outcomes and patient experience”

At our City Road site there will be a buzz of activity throughout the day with representatives from several organisations visiting the hospital to raise awareness about their services. Moorfields Eye Charity will be on the ground floor of the hospital, where you can find out more about their amazing work to support the trust with ground breaking research, enhancements to patient care and training. You can get involved in a number of ways such as their annual walk - Eye to Eye and as a fundraising volunteer, supporting people with sight loss and changing lives.

You will also find our eye clinic liaison officers at the health hub on the ground floor, where they will provide information on their services and support to those living with sight loss. Also visiting the trust on the day will be the Moorfields ‘know your drops’ campaign, Macular Society and Keratoconus Group.

Robert Dufton, chief executive for Moorfields Eye Charity, said: "Sight is critical and with an aging population worldwide, there is an increasing need for investment for innovations which will improve our ability to treat or prevent eye diseases. We're very proud to be part of World Sight Day and of the funding we provide for research, patient care and training. This contributes to the trust’s and the institute’s global reputations for excellence”.

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