Focus on Inclusion 2017

Focus on Inclusion is the trust’s annual publication showcasing our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and how the trust meets the Public Sector Equality Duty. Inclusion is about every one of us, our staff, our patients, their friends and family, our communities and our partners. Making sure everyone is included is fundamental to delivering excellence, being organised and making sure that people feel that they are cared for.

The 2016 Focus on Inclusion report announced the trust’s equality objectives for 2016-2020 and aims to improve the equality outcomes for patients, carers and visitors; our workforce, and to share leadership of inclusion across the trust’s community.

The 2017 Focus on Inclusion report focuses on inclusion every day; how we have brought to life The Moorfields Way commitments and how we are embedding inclusion in everything we do. The report includes equality data about patients and staff.

The trust’s aim is to be the best it can be, to be a pioneer in the field of inclusion and enhance the daily experience of staff, members, patients and communities.

Read the 2017 Focus on inclusion report

Read our accessible PDF 2017 Focus on Inclusion report

For more information visit our inclusion, equality and diversity page or email

Our equality objectives

To improve the equality outcomes for patients, carers and visitors we are committed to:

  • Improve the experience of people identified by the protected characteristics when waiting for their appointment
  • Make information more accessible and specific to patients who have a clinical need.

To improve the equality outcomes for our staff we are committed to:

  • Increase the diversity of people in leadership and management roles
  • Continue to build a strong and positive culture of inclusion
  • Improve our collection of equality data.

To share our leadership of inclusion across our community we are committed to:

  • Broaden our reach to voluntary partners to gain different perspectives.


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