Continuing research into treating glaucoma with lasers

Last year, Moorfields made headlines delivering a glaucoma treatment known as selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), where glaucoma patients are treated with a one off laser appointment rather than daily drops. This treatment was found to be incredibly effective at lowering eye pressure and it is quickly becoming the new standard way to treat glaucoma.

As more Moorfields patients are treated using SLT, we are continuing to expand our knowledge on the treatment in order to find the most efficient and effective way to deliver it. In collaboration with BELKIN Laser, a new international trial at Moorfields and other hospitals around the world, known as GLAUrious, is investigating a novel delivery system that is no-contact, non-invasive and takes only seconds rather than the usual 5 minutes or more.

Professor Gus Gazzard, head of the glaucoma service at Moorfields, said: “This trial is an exciting opportunity to learn how we can deliver what is already a great treatment in a potentially more effective way so that our glaucoma patients can have the best sight they possibly can, for as long as possible.”

The GLAUrious trial is currently open to recruit new glaucoma patients; find out how you can get involved.

Learn more about the BELKIN laser technology.

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