24 care staff trained in eye awareness by Moorfields

Moorfields Eye Hospital has trained 24 local care staff in eye care through its new Eye Envoy Programme. This will benefit around 600 service users in eight care homes across Camden and Islington.

Funded by NHS England/Health Education England, it aimed to equip delegates with the knowledge to support people’s existing eye conditions and the insight to be alert for deterioration or new sight loss problems. The concept and programme were planned and delivered by two Moorfields senior nurses, Dr. Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi and Tendai Gwenhure. It spanned a wide range of themes and topics over three full days, at the end of which delegates were awarded a certificate.

Participant Leleka Henry, a registered nurse, said: “I have learned so much from this course. Residents rely on their eyes, and I will now go back and make sure eyes are included in our holistic health checks. I will share this knowledge, including implementing the correct drops usage technique, making sure drops are included in daily medication regimes and routinely checking whether deteriorating sight may have contributed to a fall.”

Sheila Adam, chief nurse and director of allied professionals, added “I’m excited about these plans to build awareness of eye care and eye conditions across the social care workforce. With 80% of people over 60 having some problem with their vision, this new course has the potential to improve the quality of life for large numbers of older people.”

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