Moorfields launches new diagnostic hubs to safely assess more patients during pandemic

Moorfields Eye Hospital has introduced new ways of working to allow more patients to be seen in a socially distanced environment during the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes a new diagnostic hub opening today in Hoxton, using space that was previously occupied by commercial offices.

Instead of waiting to see a consultant on the same day that diagnostic eye tests take place, the diagnostic hubs take people through a series of rapid tests which are all completed within a 45 minute visit. Each patient’s results are then individually reviewed online by the consultants and their teams. Patients will receive a letter informing them of the outcome of their tests, while some will also be offered a virtual video or telephone appointment to discuss particular results.  Patients will only be asked to attend a subsequent hospital visit if the consultant sees something requiring urgent or personal attention.

This format reduces the time each patient spends in clinic and the number of overall face to face attendances making the patient journey more efficient. The diagnostic hubs not only allow more patients to be seen in a socially distanced way, butfree up more time for consultants to spend with those patients who need more in-depth specialist care in-person. The hubs can also be set up in locations closer to where patients live, providing a convenient and safe way for patients to access diagnostic care.

A patient from Moorfields Eye Hospital commented after their recent visit to Moorfields City Road hub: “I had a really good experience, it was quick, I felt safe, and there weren’t too many people booked in, so it was not crowded. It was very well organised and efficient.”

Moorfields pioneered this pathway in several disciplines before the pandemic, but the format is now being rolled out across more specialties than ever before. This includes our most in-demand services such as glaucoma and medical retina.

Dilani Siriwardena, divisional director and deputy medical director at Moorfields said: “Expanding our use of diagnostic hubs has allowed us to provide diagnostic care to many patients and has given us a safer way to keep clinics open during this lockdown. We hope that the diagnostic hubs format can be applied in other settings to meet the needs of patients in the safest, most efficient way possible.” 

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