Keratoconus FAQs

I might have keratoconus. Should I be worried?

Please remember that keratoconus is not a blinding condition. When you are seen in the clinic, we will discuss your results with you. Rest assured that you will receive any treatment that is necessary.

I have been referred from another hospital for cross-linking.

If you have been referred from another unit and have been advised that cross-linking is indicated, please be advised that the treatment will not be carried out at your first appointment. When other hospitals refer to us, we are required to analyse both their and our results to determine whether treatment is indicated. This will be discussed with you at your appointment.

My vision is sometimes better on one day than it is the next. Is this normal?

Yes. Keratoconus is known to cause fluctuations (changes) in vision. Vision can also be affected by changes in light conditions, tiredness, computer use and dry eyes. These fluctuations do not usually indicate a change in your condition. If however your vision continues to deteriorate rather than fluctuate, please contact us. 

I would like to bring my appointment forward. How do I do this?

Appointments to monitor your condition are typically set at 6 or 12 monthly intervals to give us the best possible chance of detecting any potential small changes in the shape of your eye. Fluctuations in vision are common in keratoconus and do not usually indicate progression of the condition. However, if you have noticed that your vision is consistently deteriorating over a number of months and between your given appointments, it is possible that things are changing quicker than expected. Please call our clerks on 0207 253 341x4870 quoting reference KC9.