Patient medicines

On this page, you will find information on patient eye care medications, including useful advice on how to put in your eye drops, and where to go to get your medications.

Update on medication shortages

There are currently UK-wide shortages of some eye medications.

If you are a patient of Moorfields, please contact your local pharmacy to speak to them about alternative options.

We are receiving a high volume of calls and emails from patients, which we are unable to reply to. Your local pharmacy is better placed to guide you.

The following table lists affected stock, and timescales for resolution. Please speak to your pharmacist about alternative options in the meantime.

Please note, if the medication is not listed in the table – there is not a shortage

Product out of stock

Due back date

Pilocarpine 4% eye drops

28 April 2023

Diamox SR® 250mg Prolonged-release Capsules

31 July 2023

Ikervis® and Verkazia®


Intermittent supply until mid-May

Where to request your eye care medication

Moorfields may provide you with some eye medication when you attend one of our clinics for an appointment or for urgent care.

Any follow up medicines, or repeat prescriptions should be requested via your GP or local pharmacist, however. Please do not call Moorfields for repeat prescritpions as we will not be able to process these for you.

Nurse-led line

Please note, our nurse-led helpline should not be used to request repeart prescriptions, or to ask advice on medication. We are receiving a high volume of calls to this line from patients with medicine queries, which is delaying care to patients who need important after care guidance, following treatment at our clinics. If you have any queries about your eye care medication, please speak to your local pharmacist.

Know Your Drops

For eye conditions, such as Glaucoma, it is vital for you to keep up with your eye drops to help you manage the condition. 

Please watch our short video for tips on how to correctly administer any drops you may be required to use. 

Last updated: 26th April 2023