Compliance aids step by step guides-Opticare®

The Opticare® is for use with round eye drop bottles. It is designed to help with the stablepositioning of the bottle over your eye, so you can accurately squeeze a drop into your eye.


Instructions for use:

  1. After washing your hands, flip up the eye piece and open the aid. Place the neck of the bottle into the holder and close the aid.
  2. Lie down or sit down comfortably, remove the bottle cap and clip the eye piece back down.
  3.  Tilt your head back, lower your bottom eye lid, and position the eye piece over your eye.
  4. When ready, gently squeeze the top and bottom grooves of the aid together to release a drop.
  5. Unless your clinician has advised otherwise, close your eye and gently press the inside corner for 30 seconds to help prevent the drop entering your mouth.
  6. When finished, flip up the eye piece and replace the cap of your eye drop bottle.


Author: Sarah Thomas, lead satellite pharmacist and Fiona Chiu, associate chief pharmacist

Approval date: April 2018