Compliance aids step by step guides - eyGuide®

The eyGuide® is for use with round eye drop bottles, which generally have a small tip on the top and are known as multi-dose preservative free bottles.

It is designed to help with positioning the bottle over the eye and is particularly good if youfind drops run down your face, or find it difficult to squeeze the bottle or administer more than one drop at a time.

Eye drop compliance aid

Instructions for use:

  • After washing your hands, flip open the eyGuide®, (using the thumb guides on the side) and lift up the eye piece. It might be a little stiff to open at first, so you may want to open and close it afew times when you first get it.
  • You will see some grooves inside - place the neck of the eye drop bottle directly into the grooves and it will fit into place. Then, snap back the eyGuide to close.
  • When you are ready to put a drop in, unscrew the cap of thebottle. It should be easy to remove and put back on if you have positioned it correctly. Once ready, flip down the eye piece.
  • While sitting or lying comfortably, tilt your head back, pull down your lower eye lid with your finger, and then place the eyGuide® straight over your eye. If you can, remember to look up.
  • When ready, gently squeeze the top and bottom grooves of the eyGuide together. This will release one drop into the eye.
    • You may have to pause for a few seconds for the drop to be released. Some peoplefind it helpful to practice away from the face to understand how much pressure to apply to administer a single drop.
  • Then, unless advised otherwise by your clinician, close your eye and gently press the inside corner towards the nose for 30 seconds. This will help ensure that as much as possible of the drop is absorbed into your eye so you get the most out of your treatment.
  • If you have been advised to, repeat the above steps to administer another drop.
  • When finished, flip up the eye piece and shake the bottle downwards to remove any residual liquid left on the nozzle. Afterwards, replace the cap of your eye drop bottle.


Author: Sarah Thomas, advanced specialist pharmacist.

Approval date:June 2022