Compliance aids step by step guides-Alcon Eyot

The Alcon Eyot® is for eye drop bottles made by the manufacturer Alcon, fitting their specific shaped bottles- Travatan® Duotrav® and Azarga®.

It is designed to help with the stable positioning of the bottle over your eye, so you can accurately squeeze a drop into your eye.

Alcon Eyot

Instructions for use:

  • After washing your hands, insert your eye drop bottle into the grooves by the mirror (found inside the aid), with the nozzle pointing up towards the mirror.
  • Lie down or sit down comfortably, then twist off the bottle cap.
  • Tilt your head back and place the aid over your eye so that it pulls your bottom lid down to form a pocket.
  • Look in the mirror. When you can see your eye, the bottle should be in the right position.
  • Look through the pin hole at top, and when ready, squeeze the sides to release a drop into your eye.
  • Unless your clinician has advised otherwise, close your eye and gently press the inside corner for 30 seconds to help prevent the drop entering your mouth.
  • When finished, replace the cap of your eye drop bottle.


Author: Sarah Thomas, lead satellite pharmacist and Fiona Chiu, associate chief pharmacist

Approval date: April 2018