NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility

We know some of you are feeling anxious about coming in for appointments right now, but we want to welcome you and reassure you that we have put a number of measures in place to try to protect you.

The following short video from Clinical Research Network North West London provides information about restarting Ophthalmology Research

In 2012 The Research and Treatment Centre at Moorfields was awarded NIHR funding for Clinical Research Facilities for experimental Medicines. The work within the facility remains the same and its focus will still be on the medical
care given to patients for the treatment of eye conditions.

The unit is now known as the National Institute for Health Research Moorfields Clinical Research Facility, in partnership with University College London Institute of Ophthalmology.

Managing Patients

The majority of the new centre is dedicated to the provision of facilities required for managing patients including activities such as diagnostic testing, functional assessment, counselling and tissue / blood donation.

Research Infrastructure

Research support service personnel are accommodated in an adjacent area and include research fellows and study managers/co-ordinators, technicians, data management staff and those focused on various aspects of research governance and liaison with external collaborators / partners.

Areas of Research

The spectrum of research undertaken can be described as a continuous cycle of basic science, translational, applied and clinical research that provides the evidence for the adoption of new treatments and services to directly benefit patient care. The continuous cycle means that clinical problems identified in the treatment of patients, sets the agenda for basic science and laboratory work. Clinical research at Moorfields covers a wide range of activity, generated directly from patient care or as a result of laboratory and translational research. The NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility will support any research that requires the input of patients from tissue samples for laboratory work through to phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials.


The NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility supports MEH sponsored clinical research funded by charitable organisations, collaborative partnerships with industry (ie. investigator led) and research sponsored by external agencies eg. commercial research. While we will also support strategically important research programmes that do not have external funding, priority is given to high quality, externally peer reviewed work that will be recognised by the NIHR.

Contact Us

NIHR Moorfields Clinical Research Facility
2nd Floor, 162 City Road, London, EC1V 2PD
Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Last updated: 23rd February 2021