Diagnosis and treatment

Chalazion treatment

Chalazions tend to clear up on their own over a period of a few weeks and there are chalazion treatments at home which can promote healing.

Treatment at home

The first stage of treatment involvesusing a warm compress and massaging your eyelid:

  • Warm compress: boil some water and let it cool a little or use water from the hot tap. Soak cotton wool or a clean flannel in the warm (but not boiling) water, squeeze it out and gently press onto your closed eyelids for two to three minutes at a time.
  • Massage: starting at the skin crease, gently massage the upper lid downwards to the lashes. The lower lid should be massaged upwards towards the lashes. This may release the contents of the cyst, which means further treatment will not be necessary. 

Warm compresses and massage can soften oil blockages and effectively drain to the ducts

To prevent further discomfort, avoid touching the affected area once it starts to drain and ensure you keep it clean. Avoid wearing eye makeup and contact lenses throughout the chalazion healing stages.

Eye drops and antibiotics

Chalazion treatment with over the counter products may also be recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.

This may include chalazion eye drops, ointments and solutions to prevent infection occurring, alleviate any irritation and promote faster chalazion healing.

Sometimes the chalazion may cause a spreading infection along the surface of your lid, which might need a course of oral antibiotics.

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