Frequently asked questions

To provide clarity and assistance, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. 

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Who will I see in the A&E department?

Everyone is assessed by a medical professional on arrival, who will assess how serious your condition is and whether you need to be seen in the department on the day of arrival.  This will be a senior nurse practitioner or doctor.

Depending on your needs, you will be treated by an emergency nurse practitioner, an emergency care optometrist or one of our A&E doctors.

Which consultants work in the A&E service?

The following consultants work in A&E:

  • Mr Gordon Hay – service director
  • Mr Badrul Hussain
  • Ms Emma Jones
  • Mr Christopher Leak
  • Ms Lola Ogunbowale
  • Mr Romil Patel
  • Ms Renata Puertas
  • Ms Poornima Rai
  • Mr Kamran Saha
  • Mr George Voyatzis
What is the 4 hour A&E rule?

The current A&E standard was introduced in 2010 and states that 95 per cent of patients arriving at an A&E department should be admitted to hospital, transferred to a more appropriate care setting, or discharged home within four hours