Eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs)

For practical information and rehabilitation advice on living with sight loss.

Eye clinic liaison officers (ECLOs) are available throughout Moorfields networked sites to assist those living with sight loss. This includes patients, their relatives and carers.


We provide advice and support on:

  • Living with sight loss and remaining independent.
  • Coping with and managing particular eye conditions.
  • Services outside the hospital including social services, local support groups and national organisations for people with sight loss.
  • Registering with the local council and getting a Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI).


Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI)

The ECLOs at City Road will explain the process of registration and complete the clerical section of the CVI with the patient, if this is agreed by the consultant ophthalmologist, who will complete the clinical section.


What is the sensory impairment department?

The sensory impairment department helps anyone who has a degree of sight loss. They are able to provide services like social work support, general advice, vision rehabilitation, practical support and mobility training.


More information about City Road

Our drop in service

Our drop in service is open from 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday. The ECLO office is located on the ground floor of the hospital (next to the cashiers’ office).


Health information hub

The health information hub, managed by the Friends of Moorfields is situated near the main entrance of Moorfields at City Road.

Patients, their carers and families are welcome to drop by the hub and have an informal chat with our (ECLO qualified) health hub support officer, Sabina Uddin, who can provide more information about specific eye conditions, and signpost patients, their carers and families to further support and information available at and beyond Moorfields. 

Call: 020 7253 3411 ext 2670 or email: sabina.uddin1@nhs.net

Eye clinic liaison officers' (ECLOs) contact details


Steven Bewley


Call 01234 792643 Email Steven

City Road

  • David Samuels
  • Molly Randall
  • Elliott Beaton


Call 0207 566 2355 Email City Road ECLOs

Ealing, Northwick Park, Potters Bar & Brent Cross

Robert Mackenzie


Call: 07718669376 Email Robert

Barking, Stratford, St Ann’s

Khaled Hassan


Call 07515 575630 Email Khaled

Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre (RDCEC)

Linda Belmour


Call 020 7608 3677 Email Linda

St George’s

Maria Bortolussi


Call 07546 693105 Email Maria