Research opportunities at Moorfields (ROAM)

Moorfields is one of the world’s most successful research active organisations. This means we aim to continue to be at the leading edge of research, making new discoveries and developing better treatments with our partners and patients. Research has played a part in virtually every major improvement in eye care, and will continue to do so. We all have a role to play to help achieve this goal. To drive research forward, maintain our reputation as a global research leader, but most of all to improve our patients’ care, it is vital that we recruit people, patients and healthy volunteers, to our research studies. 

Research opportunities at Moorfields (ROAM) is a brand new way to recruit people to take part in our research.

ROAM Screenshot

How does it work?
ROAM is an easy to use web application where people can express an interest in taking part in research at Moorfields. Our clinicians will use the information gathered to identify people who are suitable to take part in the wide range of studies that we lead.

Participants can also sign up to shape research questions and how research is conducted at Moorfields. This forms part of our patient and public involvement (PPI) programme.

Open Roam Application

Last updated: 20th April 2022