NIHR Moorfields Biomedical research Centre

NIHR Moorfields Biomedical research Centre

We know some of you are feeling anxious about coming in for appointments right now, but we want to welcome you and reassure you that we have put a number of measures in place to try to protect you.

The following short video from Clinical Research Network North West London provides information about restarting Ophthalmology Research

The NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre is a partnership between Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. The centre is funded by the Department of Health through the National Institute for Health Research.

After two consecutive five-year terms from 2007, a new award was received in 2017 for a further five-year term. The purpose of our work is to conduct translational research designed to take advances in basic medical research from the laboratory to the clinic. We aim to substantially improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of eye conditions that affect large and small numbers of patients in the UK and around the world.

We are now one of 20 NIHR Biomedical Research Centres and we are the only centre dedicated to vision research. We continue to prioritise areas of unmet patient needs and grow our outstanding track record and expertise at an international level. The work of the centre continues to contribute to new treatment techniques and practices that improve patient health.

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Last updated: 16th May 2022