Care of your scleral contact lenses

Please read this page carefully as it will instruct you on how best to take care of your scleral contact lenses.


Taking care of your contact lenses

As with all contact lenses, good hygienic practice is essential. The surface of gas-permeable scleral lenses can suffer wear and tear over time with use and handling. Polishing is not always possible, so please look after your lenses carefully so that the surface of the lens can be kept in good condition for the maximum time possible.


How can I best take care of my contact lenses?

  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your lenses.
  • Take care not to catch the lens or your eye with your fingernails – it is good practice to keep them short.
  • Work over a clean, flat surface.
  • Use saline solution to rinse your lenses and case.
  • Get into the habit of always inserting and removing the same lens first-this lowers the possibility of mixing your lenses up.


Please remember not to do any of the following

  • Do not rinse your lenses and case with tap water as this can increase the risk of eye infections.
  • Never shower or bath with your lenses in.
  • Do not sleep with your contact lenses in (unless you have been advised to by your contact lens practitioner).
  • Avoid swimming with your contact lenses in. This is due to the risk of infection from the water. Prescription swimming goggles and other options may be available. We advise you discuss this with your contact lens practitioner.


Inserting your contact lenses

You need to use your sense of touch rather than sight to insert this lens. You do not need to use a mirror for this as you need to look down when inserting the lens.


Step by step instructions for inserting your contact lenses:

  • Remove the lens from the case and rub with your contact lens cleaning solution. Rinse well with saline solution (see lens cleaning instructions below for further detail).
  • Fill the lens with Abbott Lens Plus Ocupure saline, or an alternative unpreserved sterile saline.
  • Hold the scleral lens between your thumb and forefinger.
Scleral Contact Lens
  • Lean forward so that your face is parallel to the floor and look as far as possible towards your chin to avoid spilling the saline 
  • Pull your upper lid up with the index finger of your other hand.
  • Slide the lens under your upper lid, making sure to keep looking towards your chin.
Scleral Contact Lens insertion
  • When the lens is under your upper lid, physically close your lid over the lens with your other hand and let go of the lens at the same time, while still holding your top lid over the lens. You can then pull your lower lid over the lens with your free hand.
  • When the lens is in place under both lids, look up slowly – you might hear a click or squelch as the lens drops into place.

Sometimes, you might need to remove the lens and reinsert it. If this happens, rinse the surface with Abbott Lens Plus Ocupure saline or an alternative unpreserved sterile saline before you reinsert it. Multi-purpose soft contact lens solutions can be used at this stage as they have some cleaning properties. The brand Quattro has a licence for use with rigid lenses as well as soft lenses and can be used for this purpose.

Scleral Contact Lens insertion

If you have been advised in clinic to use a different method to insert and remove your lenses, ensure you follow those recommended instructions.


Removing your contact lenses

After you remove the contact lens from your eye, you must clean it before putting it into the storage case to remove the microbes and deposits that day.


Step by step instructions for removing your contact lenses

  • Look down, keeping your chin upwards.
  • Lift your upper lid on the side nearest your nose with your index finger so that the lid is above the upper rim of the lens
Scleral Contact Lenses removal
  • Press downwards, and then tighten the lid by drawing your finger towards the temple. This action will push the lid underneath the edge of the lens, releasing the suction.
  • Keep pulling towards your temple to get the lens to come out from your eye and catch it with your other hand. Alternatively, do this over a table covered with a towel to prevent the lens from falling onto the floor.
  • Alternatively, you can use a suction holder to remove your lenses.
Contact Lens  suction removal

Cleaning your contact lenses

If you have been advised in clinic to use a different method to clean your lenses, ensure you follow those recommended instructions.

  • Rinse the lens with saline once it is removed from your eye.
  • Apply your contact lens cleaning solution (Oté cleaner or a recommended alternative)to the front and back surfaces of the lens, while gently rubbing it between your fingers.
  • Rinse the lens again with saline until all of the cleaning solution is removed.
  • Dab the lens dry with a clean, soft tissue.
  • Once the lens is dry, store it in the case provided, taking care not to get any water or leftover cleaning solution into the case.


Cleaning your contact lenses case

Eye infections can happen due to not cleaning your lenses case properly. The foam-based insert found in your case should be replaced every three months.


  • A contact lens cannot go behind your eye.
  • If you wear make-up, insert your lenses before putting on your make-up and remove them before taking your make-up off.
  • To keep your eyes in good health, make sure that you regularly attend your contact lens and eye exam appointments.


In the case of an emergency

If your eye suddenly becomes red, painful or your vision worsens, go to Moorfields A&E department in City Road (open 24/7 for emergency eye problems only). Please make sure you do not wear your lens.