If English is not your main language, or you have a disability which affects your ability to communicate, we can arrange for an interpreter to help you.

If you require interpreting services, please contact the service where you are being treated as soon as possible after you receive details of your appointment so that we can make the necessary arrangements.  Contact numbers for all services are listed in the 'our services' section of this website, and should also be included in your appointment letter.

Please note that we can only provide interpreting services for patients receiving treatment on the NHS.  If you are a private or overseas patient, you need to arrange and fund interpreting through your embassy.

Depending on your specific needs, we will provide interpreting in one of the following ways, using authorised and contracted service providers to ensure quality:

  • Telephone based with immediate access
  • Face to face spoken language interpreting services
  • British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Hands-on communication using the Deafblind manual
  • Translation of documentation from English to a chosen language