What can we learn: PALS Concerns and Complaints?

At Moorfields, if somebody contacts the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) to raise a concern or make a complaint, it usually means that something, somewhere, has not gone according to plan. At Moorfields Eye Hospital, instead of treating concerns and complaints with suspicion, we use them to see how we might improve our service going forward. In the majority of cases, patients and carers who raise issues say they do not want the same thing that happened to them to happen to anybody else.

We are unable to go into great detail about individual cases, but we have outlined below some of the actions we have taken in response to some of the concerns raised. If you have problem or concern about the organisation, treatment or support you were given at Moorfields, please visit our complaints page, via the link below, and that will show you the best way to have it addressed. Be assured, we always listen and we always respond.  

What we have done

You said / We did / We plan Links
Occasionally unhelpful staff click here
Transport  click here
Prescriptions click here
Improvements to our guiding process click here
Late running clinics click here
Medical records issues click here
Corneal graft bookings system click here
Getting through to clinics on the telephone click here
Discharge delays after survey click here
Dispensing of medicines click here

Last updated: 25th January 2016