Patient experience

Patient engagement and experience is about putting patients, carers and the public at the heart of what Moorfields does. We endeavour to do this by taking note of what you tell us and responding to it in a constructive way. We believe that people have a right to be heard and their experiences and suggestions acted upon, and we do this by listening, involving and responding.

Patients and carers are an integral partner in us achieving our vision and ambition for excellence in everything we do. Moorfields wants to work with patients as partners in discovering, developing and delivering the best eye care. We would like to expand our pool of patients who want to help us make our services more effective and responsive to patient needs. If you’d like to get involved, please email us at

We’ll then get in touch to find out which activities and services you’re most interested in.

Patient experience at Moorfields: Join our workshops

We are developing a new Patient Experience Framework to support our staff and improve your experience as a patient with us. We want to ensure you are involved in establishing our vision and would like to hear from you at one of our upcoming workshops.

Tuesday 28th November 5.30pm-7.30pm, in person at City Rd

Tuesday 5th December 1-3pm, over Zoom

To express your interest in attending, or for more information about workshop dates please email

How we support patients

Listening: We run the Friends and Family Test across the trust, as well as several more detailed patient surveys, so that all patients can comment on the care they receive. We also collect information from our PALS (patient advice and liaison service) enquiries, complaints and from comments left on social media sites such as Twitter and NHS Choices.

Involving: We invite our patients and staff to focus groups and patient panels, allowing us to understand some of the issues facing the trust, and work together to find solutions. In the coming year we have a number of initiatives that will involve patients in visiting, observing and suggesting changes to running services, as well as raising the patient’s voice through the promotion of patient stories and participation in some of the key decision making bodies in the trust.

Responding: We try to communicate what our patients and their carers tell us, communicating  what we are doing about it and being honest where we face limitations in meeting some of those challenges.

Please use the links to see how we are doing and how you can contribute: we value your input.

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Last updated: 24th November 2023