Professor Ananth Viswanathan

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon



Viswanathan, Ananth

Age ranges treated

  • Adults (age 16 and above)

Qualifications / Professional memberships

  • BSc(Hons) in Neuroscience
  • MD in Visual Psychophysics in Glaucoma
  • PhD in Genetic Epidemiology
  • Member of Asia Pacific Glaucoma Guideline International Review Committee
  • Member of Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 Management Committee (and Principal Applicant for Glaucoma)
  • Member of Medical Research Council Steering Committee on Glaucoma Screening Feasibility Study (and Study Collaborator)
  • Member of UK Genetic Testing Network Working Group
  • Member of the British Eye Study Group
  • Member of World Glaucoma Association Guidelines for Reporting and Publishing Committee
  • Editorial Board Member, International Glaucoma Review
  • Member of UK & Eire Glaucoma Society
  • Member of Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • Member of Statistical Genetics Group, Institute of Psychiatry. London
  • Member of the International Perimetric Society
  • Invited Expert, Lasker Foundation / International Retinal Research Foundation Initiative for Innovation in Vision Science

Current NHS / University Post

  • Consultant Surgeon (Glaucoma), Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Honorary Visiting Professor, City University, London
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer, Institute of Ophthalmology, London. Starting year 2003

Medical training

  • St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, London
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London

Research interest / experience

  • Vision (visual psychophysics) in glaucoma: early detection, progression
  • Quality of life / disability in glaucoma
  • Complex genetics in common eye disease
  • Chairman of EGS GlaucoGENE (European Genetic Epidemiology network)
  • Chairman of UK Glaucoma Early Diagnosis Programme
  • Co-Chair of World Glaucoma Association Promulgation Committee
  • Member of Honorary Medical Advisory Panel to the Secretary of State on Visual Disorders and Driving

Languages spoken

  • English

Private treatment

Professor Ananth Viswanathan also provides private care

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15th March 2024