Moorfields is keeping its safety measures in place beyond July 19 2021. Patients & visitors will be expected to continue to follow our safety rules, including wearing a surgical face mask, unless medically exempt. Refusal to do so, or abuse of staff, may result in you being asked to leave our clinics.

If you have any questions about attending your appointment, please email us, including your hospital or NHS number, at - Please note, we are unable to answer queries for patients who attend our clinics at Croydon, Purley, Bedford, Northwick Park and Ealing through this email address. Please contact these sites directly using the contact details found online at

Changes to appointments

We continue to see those patients considered to be most at risk in person in clinic.If you have an up coming appointment with us, please attend as scheduled. 

If we are changing your appointment to a telephone or video consultation, we will contact you shortly to make arrangements. 

Covid checks and testing for patients due in for appointments 

Please do not attend your appointment if you have any symptoms of Covid. If you are experiencing any symptoms you will need to stay at home for 10 days and contact NHS 111 online if your symptoms worsen. Please contact our booking team, including your hospital or NHS number, at so that we can rearrange your appointment for a time when it is safe for you to travel.

Guidance for patients returning from overseas holidays or travelling into the UK for treatment

Please follow the below travel advice, based on UK government guidelines, before attending the hospital.

Travel from ‘red list’ travel ban countries · Countries identified as ‘red list’ travel ban can be found on GOV.UK

Everyone travelling in or through a ‘red list’ travel ban country is currently being refused entry to the UK unless they are a British or Irish national, or they have residence rights in the UK. UK and Irish residents are required to quarantine in a designated hotel for 10 days, and negative results from PCR Covid-19 tests taken on day 2 and day 8 of this quarantine are required prior to attending the hospital for any appointments.

Any patient requiring urgent ophthalmic care during this time should phone the hospital on 020 7566 2345 or log on for a video consultation to be assessed.

Travel from all other countries

All patients entering England from travel in or through any other country should ensure that they follow the vaccinated and non-vaccinated guidelines.

Fully vaccinated

All people must undertake a PCR test on day 2 of arrival and isolate at their place of residence. When this has returned a negative result, they can attend their hospital appointment as planned. Should the PCR result be positive, then isolation for the full 10 days would be required prior to hospital attendance.

Children under the age of 4 are not required to do a PCR test unless they have been instructed to do so as part of their preparation for planned surgery.

All elective admissions for surgery must follow the instructions in the letter we send, which may include isolation for 3 days prior to date of surgery and a negative Covid-19 test.


People who have travelled from overseas and are not fully vaccinated will need to quarantine at their place of residence for 10 days and undertake a PCR test on or before day 2 and day 8 of this quarantine.

Any patient requiring urgent ophthalmic care during this time should phone the hospital on 020 7566 2345 or log on for a video consultation to be assessed.

Read more on the guidance for overseas patients: Travel to England from another country during coronavirus (Covid-19) - GOV.UK

Covid testing 

If you are coming in for surgery, you will need to complete a coronavirus test three days before your appointment. This will mean testing yourself at home with a kit that will be sent to you by Moorfields. 

The video below shows you how to complete a home test, but you will also receive instructions on how to do this when you receive your test kit. It is vital that you complete this test and let us know the result before you come in for your appointment. 

Text message reminders

Patients who have provided the booking centre with a mobile phone number will receive a text reminder of their appointment. Please help us by letting the booking centre ( or 020 7566 2357)  or a member of clinic staff know if you change your mobile phone number. Some text messages you receive from us may require a response or for you to follow a link to make a booking, please read these messages carefully and contact the booking centre if you require assistance.

We will send you information about your appointments via text messages using this number: 07860 039 092. We will never ask you to provide your bank or credit card details. Learn more about how we use and protect your health information.


Please attend appointments alone, unless you need a carer, and arrive no more than 15 minutes ahead of your appointment. Social distancing measures remain in place at Moorfields to help keep you and others safe. 

For patients coming in for surgical procedures, we ask that if you need someone with you, that they drop you off and pick you up from the ward but do not stay in the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

What to expect when you attend your appointment?

Many aspects of patient care provided at our clinic require face to face contact - such as diagnostic tests or physical examination. We have implemented a strict cleaning regime. All equipment used will be fully wiped clean and sanitised before your appointment. 

The clinical team who see you for your appointment will be wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), which may include a face mask, eye protection, gloves and a gown.

We know some patients may feel worried about attending appointments right now, but we're keen to reassure you that there are measures in place to help protect you. Use the patient experiences link below to read about the experiences of some patients who have come in for treatment in recent weeks and months.

Safety measures in place 

We have introduced a number of measures help keep our patients and colleagues as safe as possible when visiting the hospital, including: 

  • We carry out symptom checks before you enter the hospital.
  • You will be given surgical face masks to wear when you enter the hospital. Please wear this throghout your visit.
  • Use of the stairs and lifts has been limited to one person at a time wherever possible, many sites have new signs and some corridors are one-way. Our team will still be able to assist you as needed.
  • We have a number of hand sanitising points stationed around the building. Please use these throughout your visit.
  • All high contact points such as door handles and surfaces are all wiped clean regularly throughout the day.

Guidance on face coverings and face masks

Find out more about the use of face coverings and surgical face masks in our short animation. 

What happens after your appointment?

In some outpatient clinics, you may be seen by a different team member, but your tests will always be seen by a doctor. You may be asked to see a doctor while you are with us, based on your test results.

Follow up tests or consultations may be arranged by phone or email if they are not done on your appointment day.

Transport options to our hospitals

We understand that many patients are wary about travelling to appointments on public transport. If you have been offered an appointment, it is because our doctors have reviewed your eye health and can offer you treatment to help save your sight. Below are some options to consider, including making use of patient transport.

  • Car/lift – Please use our guide to each location to check local parking. If you are coming to City Road, remember the congestion charge applies on the Islington side of City Road, but not the Hackney side.
  • Taxis – If you are on most means-tested benefits, and a taxi is the cheapest form of transport available to you, you will be able to claim your fares back – see our main transport page for details.
  • Long distance train – If you are on most means-tested benefits, you will be able to claim your fares back – see our main transport page for details.
  • Public transport – There are steps you can take to make your journey better. Transport for London (TfL) provides up to date information on safer travelling, and you can always contact us to ask us to reschedule your appointment to avoid travelling in rush hour. You cannot use public transport if you have been self-isolating prior to an operation.

Arranging patient transport

For our City Road, Hoxton, Barking, Mile End, Northwick Park, Stratford and Potters Bar sites, please ring DHL on 0333 240 4909, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm to check if you are eligible and to then arrange this transport. 

You will be given priority if you can demonstrate to the call centre that you need additional medical support during the journey, you find it difficult to walk or that you are the parent or guardian of a child that fits these criteria. We advise you to stress, in the ‘difficult to walk’ questions, any additional difficulties your sight loss causes you in remaining safe on public transport, any difficulties you have in finding new locations for our services and problems you may have in social distancing. If your appointment is urgent and you have been given little notice, this will also help prioritise your access patient transport.

Please give them as much notice as you can of your journey. If you need to be escorted because of your condition, please explain this to DHL. Patient transport is sometimes shared, but it will always in line with national infection control guidance.

For Croydon, Purley and Sanderstead, please ring 020 3967 8399, visit the website or email

For St George's, Nelson and Queen Mary's Roehampton, please ring 020 8725 0808 or visit the website.

For Ealing, please ring 020 8453 2318, visit the website or email

For Bedford, please ring 034 5605 1208 or  080 0772 3063 or visit the website.

Please contact the number on your appointment letter if you are finding it difficult to book transport.

Emergency care

Moorfields patients and those living in central London who require emergency eye care (sight threatening problems or eye injuries) can use our A&E Attend Anywhere service.

These video consultations will allow us to assess your condition and provide advice on whether or not you need to come into our A&E department for further checks. More information can be found on the Emergency care page. If you require urgent medical advice out of these hours, you can contact our A&E department on 020 7253 3411.

Managing your eye care at home

To support patients in between appointments, we have published a number of guides and tips on how to manage your eye care at home. Use the link below 'My eye care and coronavirus' to access this information. 

Contacts for Moorfields patients

For existing appointments, your first point of contact should be the number on your appointment letter (if you have one). Alternatively, you can use one of the following options, or, if they are busy, email us, including your hospital or NHS number, on

New patients

Appointments team, 020 7566 2700

Existing patients

Please contact the hospital first for appointments at the following sites:

  • Northwick Park 020 3182 4000, 020 3182 4030, 020 3183 4028 or  020 3183 4029; or email 
  • Ealing 020 8967 5766
  • St Ann’s 020 7566 2841 or 020 8211 8323
  • Croydon, Purley, Parkway and Sanderstead 0208 401 3128; or email 
  • St George’s 020 7702 5542
  • Potters Bar 01707 646422 or 01707 651602
  • Stratford 020 8223 8820
  • Barking 020 7566 2744

For all other sites (including City Road), please contact the team for your service, if listed below:

The appointments team, 020 7566 2700, can help for all other services and sites.

who are fully vaccinated (vaccination from UK, EU or USA, or under 18years) do not need to quarantine and can attend their first visit after receiving a negative coronavirus test result from day two of arrival in England.

·       Any accompanying carer will also be required to isolate and undertake two PCR tests on day two and day eight following arrival, unless fully vaccinated and can apply the above.

·       Patients booked for surgery will need to self-isolate in accordance with the Moorfields Eye Hospital pre-elective isolation requirements, PCR 3 days prior to admission and isolation for these 3 days.

Last updated: 30th November 2021