Superglue injury

There is no easy way to remove superglue as it will stick the lids shut. Generally, the best treatment we recommend is to simply give it time for the glue to loosen.

We also recommend regular use of ointment to lashes, as this will help encourage lashes to unstick.

We can cut the eyelashes but this might cause distress to your child. In addition, if your child moves, the scissors could scratch their skin or even their eye. This will usually only be performed if there is concern that the glue has got into your child’s eye.


Please note-if your child’s eye is not painful inside, then glue is not in their eye.


Very young children may need some patching afterwards if their eye stayed closed for a longtime. This would help boost their vision back to its normal level, since it may become lazy during the period when the eye is closed.

Author: Paediatric information group

Review date: November 2019