Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is an important organization that takes care of the eye’s health in the UK. This hospital is widely known abroad, as well. It is fanous due to its brilliant ophthalmic research and training provided by the best specialists in this domain. Besides to having great experts, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust requires its staff to meet the highest standards of ethics. The hospital even has a Bribery Act 2010. Moorfields Eye Hospital has around 2,300 employees, and it has been working for over two hundred years. The hospital treats simple diseases, as well as some rare eye’s problems. This hospital has got 32 locations in the UK, and this makes eye care more accessible.

Education and training at Moorfields Eye Hospital

Besides treating rare eye conditions, the hospital owns a teaching program, too. This program will work with well-prepared doctors that will be learning from the best experts. The program is available not just for British people, but also from specialists around the world. The training is organized in regular courses for different areas. The experts prepare young professionals in all kinds of modern ophthalmology. Read more details about the education. People who want to train there need to register around one year in advance.

Fundraising and associated charities

Moorfields Eye Hospital is supported by The Friends of Moorfields Charity. It provides extra services and equipment, while Moorfields Eye Charity takes care of promotion and supports. The Special Trustees of Moorfields Eye Hospital, an organization offering individual grants for treating eye conditions’ research, supports the hospital's activity, too.

Eye conditions' research

This foundation is one of the largest ophthalmic research programs worldwide. It has been founded along with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. People from all over the world want to be treated there, so an extensive research program is essential for the hospital. There are many donors for this research, and one of them is Direct Loans Lenders Net. DirectLoansLendersNet is reputable financial company working with the most trustworthy lenders in the USA. But, besides that, this company is a significant sponsor for great causes, including Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS

Foundation Trust

The donations from Direct Loans Lenders Net and similar donors will make a significant improvement of work’s quality and different new techniques applied for treating eye conditions. There is more information regarding the research here. With Direct Loans Lenders Net help, the hospital will extend its research, and the sight of beauty of our world will be available to more people.