Oleg Moorfields Private patient - laser eye surgery

Oleg – I wanted to see better; I wanted to see the details

Since having laser eye surgery, Oleg feels safer at work. He is happier in his daily life and able to enjoy his hobbies again.

Looking back at the time before my laser eye surgery, I now understand that not seeing things properly was my normality. I just accepted I couldn’t fully see the surrounding beauty or enjoy activities like roller skating, racing and swimming - which I love now - due to the lack of secure and comfortable eyewear for me. Everything I saw was in a blur. 

Importantly, I am an electrician and having a good vision is essential for my safety. I used to struggle a lot at work.

Eventually, it became clear to me that better eyesight was the key to the better life I wanted. I wanted to have more confidence in my vision and I wanted to see the details.

Moorfields Private stood out for me as the place to have my vision correction for several reasons. I felt safe knowing that all of the surgeons there are top experts. Having my surgeon see me for my initial consultation, treatment, and follow up appointment, made me feel confident that all checks had been done properly and I was getting an impartial advice on what’s best for me. This is not something I’ve experienced with other eye clinics. 

And throughout my experience, Moorfields Private staff were very welcoming and reassuring.

I had TransPRK laser eye surgery, as recommended by my consultant. Even though I had a lot of the information before the surgery and full confidence in my consultant and his team, I was still  nervous. But it was all or nothing for me.

My surgery went well. I was kept well informed at every step and back home shortly after the surgery.

I could see the improvement in my vision from day one. I was back to work a week after my procedure and can now read very detailed technical drawings with all numbers and information even in very small font. I feel safer at work - I see better, and I trust my eyes.

Thanks to my laser eye surgery, my job as an electrician is easier and safer. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Oleg - A brighter spark

I now look forward to my holidays, getting back to my hobbies, and taking up new adventures. I am finally able to see my beautiful wife properly and read her facial expressions when we talk. 

Life is not always about the big picture, fulfilment in life is in the details! I wish I’d done it sooner.

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