Emma, a keener runner

Emma – Trusting in clinical expertise

Emma knew what to look for when choosing a hospital for her laser surgery. Moorfields Private had the clinical excellence she wanted.

My glasses kept sliding down my nose, so I switched to contact lenses. But I was using seven or eight contact lenses a day, also my job involves working night shifts, so I found that my eyes were getting very dry. When I started working normal office hours it provided a window of opportunity to find another solution.

I was considering having laser eye surgery for a quite a while before I decided to actually go ahead. I had a look around at other places, but I chose Moorfields Private because it is part of an NHS Trust, which made me feel more confident. I wanted somewhere that had good clinical governance and knew how to deal with emergencies. I knew Moorfields Trust has a very good reputation, providing the best level of care. My consultant’s level of expertise, as well as the safety and care I knew I would receive at the hospital, were the deciding factors for me.

The whole process was easy to arrange from start to finish. The consultant’s practice manager was super helpful. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, making it clear that having a good patient experience was a priority. My consultant supported and advised me during the process of deciding what type of laser surgery to have, and talked me through the options. I felt confident throughout my treatment that I was receiving advice from an absolute expert in the field.

Thanks to my laser procedure I'm up and out faster than ever. I wish I'd done it sooner

Emma - a faster runner

The facilities were lovely, very comfortable and clean, and the equipment seemed to be state of the art. After my treatment, I needed to contact my consultant out of hours and this wasn’t a problem: I received a very quick response, even at the weekend, making me feel reassured and looked after. What really stood out for me during my treatment was the expertise of my consultant, and that everyone really cared and knew about safety.

My treatment has really made a difference to my life. It’s incredible to be able to see clearly, but I also don’t have to fuss around with contact lenses, so I’ve found that I have more time during the day. I like exercising and swimming, so now in the morning I can just get up and go. I also know my eyes are healthier, as I don’t have dry eyes anymore.

I would recommend Moorfields Private to anyone and I wish I’d done it sooner.

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