Vision correction and laser eye surgery

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Say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses

Our vision correction service will find the right procedure for you. From laser eye surgery to implantable contact lenses and refractive lenses exchanges, we have the full range of vision correction options

At Moorfields Private, we offer three main types of vision correction.

At your initial consultation, you will be fully assessed and your consultant will discuss which option is right for you, taking into consideration your eye health, prescription, age, lifestyle and many other factors.

Our vision correction team

Our multidisciplinary refractive team ensure your eyes are in the best hands.

Our expert team of consultants are all Moorfields NHS consultants who are required to meet the highest standards of qualification and training.

This expertise means that we are frequently able to treat patients who have been turned away for vision correction from other providers.

Your consultant will be with you each step of your journey. You will meet your surgeon at initial consultation and they will personally assess your eyes and treatment plan. They will also conduct your surgery and follow up appointments, ensuring continuity of care for every patient.

Our refractive suites are staffed by dedicated refractive ophthalmic nurses and technicians who work closely with the consultant team every day to ensure the highest quality of care.

video transcript
There's a number of features that we offer here at Moorfields. I think first and foremost is expertise that you may not necessarily guarantee to get elsewhere all staff for example who work within Moorfields Private are also substantive Consultants within Moorfields NHS and that's the standard of care that gives patients the reassurance that the treatment that they're going to be receiving is of the very highest quality.
The second is continuity of care. It'll be the same consultant that does the treatment it'll be the same consultant that is responsible for their aftercare and follow-up consultation so that every step of the journey they're seeing the same face and the same team.
And perhaps the final advantage of coming to Moorfields is the reputation that we provide safe care, appropriate care and ultimately the right advice.
We have regularly patients booking in for second opinions examples may be patients who haven't had any procedure yet they may have had a consultation elsewhere and they're looking to more fields for a sort of fresh input to see whether we give them the same advice that they got elsewhere and in some cases the right advice is actually for the patient not to have any treatment at all and that may be disappointing for them but ultimately it's safe. Because of the the Moorfield's reputation we also see probably more than our fair share of those patients with a very unusual prescriptions - very high prescriptions - patients that have had surgery elsewhere and perhaps they haven't got the right result first time around 
and so we're able to offer patients a
sort of fresh look at the issues that
they have if they've previously had
problems elsewhere and perhaps provide
them with a solution or options to to
improve the situation
it would be quite unusual but if a
patient was contemplating any form of
elective surgery not to have a certain
degree of apprehension about it and
that's quite positive in a way because
it usually drives questions about is the
procedure safe what are the risks and
one of the key responsibilities that we
have as consultants is to make sure the
patient is fully informed about the good
and the bad
the three types of vision correction are
laser eye surgery a refractive lens
exchange and implantable contact lenses
the facilities we have here at
morfield's private are really second to
none in terms of the equipment so for
example the laser equipment
we replace every three years so to be
able to stay up to date with equipment
enables us to stay at the Forefront of
the developments on the manufacturing
side and to be able to offer patients at
the very latest in sort of precision
laser instrumentation
there is a a recognition both
domestically and internationally that
the quality of care that we provide and
the research that we undertake is really
of the very high standard and the
benefit of that is not only just to
patients in the past but also patients
walking through the door now but also
being part of the innovation of care as
it improves in the future
and you don't necessarily get that in
many other centers morefield's
reputation is certainly within the UK
and for patients who are making an
elective decision where they may be
apprehensive about their Vision to put
their trust in us
with the history that we have I hope is
the reassurance that they're that
they're looking for to find out how we
can help you and to book an appointment
please call us on
0800-328-3421 or find Us online at
morefields hyphen private dot Co dot UK



vision correction procedures performed every year

We have


specialist vision correction surgeons

We have


state-of-the-art refractive lasers in our refractive suite

Second opinions

If you've had a vision correction procedure elsewhere and would like a second opinion, our refractive team offer a second opinion service.

This is suitable for patients who have not had their original surgery at Moorfields Private and would like their case reviewed. This may be because the surgery didn't achieve the results you were hoping for, you are experiencing side effects, or you would like a second vision correction procedure.


A second opinion is priced outside of our package pricing. This is because your consultation and treatment will be tailored to you and your individual case. Your initial consultation is likely to be longer and may last up to two hours including any tests.

In order to get the most out of your appointment, you should bring any information you have from your previous surgery and your prescription history if you have it available.

Additional treatment isn't possible or advisable in every case, but our consultants will assess your surgery and vision, and advise the best course of action for you.

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