George Moorfields Private patient - laser eye surgery

George: A love of swimming revived - “My quick laser procedure meant I could jump back in”

Since having laser surgery, George’s love of swimming has returned – especially as he can now swim with his daughter.

I have been wearing glasses from the age of eight and switched to wearing contact lenses at 11. I then wore contact lenses every day for approximately 28 years. I did get used to wearing them, but the daily upkeep became annoying and they made my eyes dry. I travel a lot for work and contact lenses on an aeroplane can be uncomfortable, especially when I want to sleep.

I’ve always wanted to have vision correction. From a young age I used to enjoy swimming, but when I started wearing contact lenses I stopped. It changed some of the physical activities that I used to enjoy.

The decision to have laser surgery was a big one for me. I was concerned that something may go wrong and wanted to ensure I made the right choice of who to trust with my eyes. I researched online and found Moorfields Private. I was impressed with their expertise and outstanding reputation for eyecare, eye surgery, and research and development. I knew that this was the place to go.

My surgery went well. I was kept well informed from the very beginning to the very end and encouraged to get in touch at any time to ask any questions. The communication was exemplary.

My quick laser procedure meant I could join them and jump back in. I wish I'd done it sooner.

George - A wrinklier prune

After my surgery, my vision is excellent. Travelling is easier and I no longer have to take contact lenses on all my journeys. It’s great waking up in the morning and being able to see clearly straight away. I can jump out of bed and go for a run. It is fantastic to feel the fresh air on my eyes, something I rarely experienced before my surgery. The only post-surgery negative is that I’m no longer onion proof, so cutting onions now makes my eyes water!

My wife and I now have a baby girl and swimming with my daughter, without the ties of contact lenses, has been fantastic. I’m even able to open my eyes under water.

I had my final check-up during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was great to see all the safety measures in place at Moorfields Private and I felt very safe and secure during my visit.

I wish I’d done it sooner.

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