Charlotte Moorfields Private patient - laser eye surgery

Charlotte – Life-changing surgery

Sore eyes from contact lens and the inconvenience of glasses pushed Charlotte to consider laser eye surgery. The results have been life changing.

I’ve been short-sighted from the age of 17 and my eyesight was getting progressively worse – to the extent that I couldn’t do anything without contact lenses or glasses. Glasses and contact lenses impaired my life.

If I played the piano wearing glasses, they would slip when I looked down at the keyboard, which was really frustrating. I once went to a concert and forgot to bring my glasses: I couldn’t see anything. From that point I started to wear contact lenses, but even then I had to remember to take contact lenses with me, particularly if I was travelling somewhere.

Wearing contact lenses most of the time meant my eyes became dryand irritated. It got so bad I was told to stop wearing them for a day each week to give my eyes a rest.

A friend at work had laser treatment and afterwards she raved about how much her sight had improved. I’ve always been quite squeamish and didn’t really know much about laser eye surgery, but it made me think about having the treatment.

I spoke to my mum and she said if I was getting it done, I should go to the best place: Moorfields Private. I did some research on the website and knew Moorfields had really experienced consultants. I was able to book an appointment very easily and I went from there.

Before having the surgery I was really nervous, but my consultant was so calm. I knew he was experienced and treated lots of patients with complex eye conditions, which reassured me.

Thanks to my quick laser procedure I'm contact lens free and more hands on. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Charlotte - A faster fastener

The surgery was life changing. I remember being in the shower and able to read the shampoo bottles. I also remember waking up in the middle of the night, the day after my operation, and laughing out loud, as I could see when I got out of bed. It felt amazing. And, as a mum, having perfect vision means that you never miss anything that the kids do.

The operation has made my eyes healthier. Previously, they were always painful because of the contact lenses. I recently went for an eye test and even now, eight years after my surgery, I have 20/20 vision. My peripheral vision has also improved and now I don’t mind driving at night – it used to worry me before

I would definitely recommend laser eye surgery at Moorfields Private. I wish I’d done it sooner.

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