Orthoptic Department Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Orthoptic Department, and includes useful contacts if you need further advice.

For enquiries relating to patches, prism, foils, glasses and advice on Orthoptic treatment.

Contact details are below please leave your details; name, phone number and hospital number (if known) with a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact details

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9.00 to 5.00pm

Moorfields Eye Hospital, City Road and Richard Desmond Children’s Centre

Moorfields Eye Centre at at St George’s Hospital

Moorfields Eye Centre at Croydon University Hospital

For queries relating directly to glasses including repair / replacement please contact

Orthoptic only appointments for Children / Children’s Vision Clinics

My child has an appointment in Orthoptics/ Children’s vision clinic, should we still come?

All clinical letters have been reviewed by an Orthoptist and where appropriate the appointment has been temporarily postponed until we are in a position to offer face to face consultations / undertake glasses checks for children. You will be contacted for a phone consultations if your child is undergoing active treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) with a patch or eye drop to improve the vision in one eye.

If we are having a telephone consultation how will my child be assessed?

A range of vision apps which can be downloaded on to a mobile device for assessing your child’s vision at home. At the moment we are exploring which would be most suitable for this use. When ready we will ask you to download the appropriate app and report the vision test outcome.

Patching treatment

My child is undergoing patching treatment, do we carry on?

The majority of patients undergoing active amblyopia treatment can continue with existing patching plans. A phone consultation will be organised shortly. If you need more patches to be posted please contact us on the details above.

I have been patching my child, but now their other eye has started squinting?

If the other eye has now started to turn this suggests the vision is almost equal. Contact the department who can advise on whether the hours of patching needs to be reduced or temporarily stopped.

My child has complained of seeing double vision after wearing the patch?

Stop all patching and contact the department on the above number. It is important not to get the child to keep looking for the double vision image so they can learn to ignore it.

Atropine eye drop twice a week to one eye

My child is using Atropine eye drops in one eye should we continue using this?

During this time all patients using atropine eye drops will be phoned and the treatment temporarily changed to eye patches. This is because we need to monitor your child’s vision carefully if you are using eye drops.


Squint (wandering eye)

My child has a squint does this need assessing sooner?

If your child’s squint changes i.e. increases in size (even when their glasses are worn) then please contact us using the details above.


Orthoptic only appointments for adults

Prisms / Bangerter foils

I have a plastic prism / Bangerter foil what if it falls off or I lose it?

Please contact us for us to send you out a new prism or foil with fitting instructions. This will take approximately 1 week.

How do I clean my prism?

Prisms need to be removed from glasses to be cleaned. To clean use warm soapy water then rise the prism with water. Whilst still damp place the smooth side of the prism of the inside of the glasses lens, press the prism down and push out the air bubbles. Allow prism to air dry / dry with kitchen towel. To prevent scratching the prism do not use harsh abrasives or lens cleaner.

What if my double vision changes?

If your double vision has resolved you can remove your prism or foil and discard it.

My double vision has got worse or changed

If your double vision changes i.e. separation of double image increases, or direction of double vision changes then please contact us above or attend A&E.

Do I continue with my eye exercises?

Most eye exercises are given for a period of three visits i.e. 3-4 months. If you feel your symptoms of eyestrain and or blurred vision for close have resolved then you may stop doing these exercises. If your symptoms return shortly after stopping the exercises, then you may restart these but do contact us for further advice.

Paediatric information leaflets 

Atropine eye drops for pre-dilation before an appointment 

Cyclopentolate eye drops for pre-dilation before an appointment

Last updated: 28th April 2022