Pre-operative assessment

Before the day of your operation, you will need to have a pre-operative assessment. This is a health check to make sure that you are fully prepared for your hospital admission, treatment and discharge. The assessment aims to ensure that you are fit and well prior to your operation.

When to have your pre-operative assessment

Your pre-operative assessment can take place either on the day that you are told you need surgery, or at a later date.  It cannot take place on the day of surgery itself.

If you are having your operation under local anaesthetic, the pre-op assessment can take place up to six months in advance of your surgery, depending on your general health.  If you are having your operation under a general anaesthetic, the pre-op assessment should take place one month in advance of your surgery.

What happens at your pre-operative assessment

At your pre-operative assessment, you will be:

  • Given information about your procedure and whether you will need a local or general anaesthetic for your operation
  • Told about anything specific you need to do before your operation, such as fasting
  • Checked for any conditions or medications that might require you to take specific action prior to your operation
  • Asked about your general health, current eye problems and your social situation, so that we can help you plan for your admission and discharge
  • Given an opportunity to ask any questions

Please bring a list of all your current medications and any eye drops you are taking to your pre-op assessment.

After your pre-operative assessment

The results from your various tests will be reviewed and, if necessary, your GP will be contacted by letter and informed of any problems that have been identified.  If your admission date has to be cancelled because of problems identified at pre-assessment, you will be offered a new date once all further checks have been satisfactorily completed.

Last updated: 16th November 2017