Oriel is our exciting proposal to design, build and operate a new, purpose-built centre of excellence for eye care, research and education.

Clinician assesses child's vision


Sight loss is an increasing problem. By 2050  it’s estimated that four million people will be living with sight loss in the UK. Innovation and technology offer new possibilities for treatments and cures, but we need the right facilities.

Oriel is a joint venture between Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL and Moorfields Eye Charity. Together, we are proposing to relocate all services at Moorfields Eye Hospital on City Road and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology on Bath Street, to a new, integrated facility at our preferred site at St Pancras Hospital.

Our vision for Oriel is to create an environment for innovation to flourish, inspiring improvements in people’s sight. The new facility will be flexible and modern, enabling us to bring together healthcare, eye research and education for the first time.

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Last updated: 31st May 2019