Meet Primrose

Primrose Magala, senior staff nurse, shares her thoughts about her role at the trust and some of the challenges and memorable moments.

Primrose Magala, senior staff nurse

What does a day in the life of a nurse look like?

It’s very exciting because it’s a vocation for me and therefore very satisfying. Working in a very busy clinical environment can be very challenging. Accountability and professional conduct must be observed at all times. Furthermore, standards of care provided must be excellent and of very high quality. In addition, the needs of the patients/service users must be balanced holistically, taking into account mental, physical, cultural and associated medical status. No day is ever the same. This can be a daily challenge. However, having a great team ensures control and a smooth flow of work.

What makes your job rewarding?

Each day is a learning opportunity and each patient whose quality of life we improve is the perfect job satisfaction and reward for passionate/compassionate healthcare providers such as me. I imagine myself or my loved ones in a similar situation. I therefore go above and beyond whenever I can to ensure our patients are happy with the service provided.

What are the challenges?

I work in a very busy clinical environment and therefore have to constantly be aware and balance both patients’ and colleagues’ needs. Many of us come from different backgrounds so our priorities or our perspectives on life and work may be different.

When did you decide you wanted to become a nurse and how did you set about pursuing this goal?

After a few years working in a corporate environment, I felt like there was something still missing. I lacked job satisfaction. Following a reflective conversation with my mother and the loss of a close friend, I decided to follow in mother’s footsteps. She had been a nurse for over 40 years and seemed content. I went to a nurses’ open day at Middlesex University, successfully enrolled in 2008 and that was the beginning of my nursing career.

What is something your colleagues would not know about you?

I am obsessed with theatre shows/productions.

What attracted you to a career in nursing at Moorfields?

When I came to Moorfields for orientation as part of my management placement, I instantly felt at home. The environment was very welcoming, clean and most people/staff were very friendly. It felt right and is it where I wanted to retire.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in nursing?

It’s the most rewarding job because you are caring and adding value to many people's quality of life. Most importantly, nurses are critical and the frontline of healthcare delivery. We contribute to quality of life for many in our society especially those that are vulnerable. We also contribute to the economy.

What’s the best/most memorable thing anyone has said to you at work?

With humility… I am inspiring because of what I am trying to do for the disadvantaged elsewhere. There is so much more to nursing and I am very proud to be one. I get to work alongside world renowned experts and because of their inspiration I am also contributing in my own simple way, priceless!

Last updated: 4th August 2017