Information for parents

Children’s eye health is a resource for children and young people aged three years and above. Its aim is to support eye care services in the UK and abroad by providing patient information and promoting eye health. 

Our goals are to:

  • teach children how to look after their eyes
  • help children learn about eyes and how they work
  • make a visit to an eye specialist or hospital a positive experience
  • allow children to interact confidently with others on all things eye related

Although the children’s eye health section of the Moorfields site is designed for children, we have many leaflets available containing information for parents. In addition, many of our leaflets for children and teenagers contain significant information that parents may find useful. We take an approach of giving young people all the facts, whilst making it clear that the support of parents and eye health professionals is at hand.

The Children’s Information Group

About us

The Children’s Information Group has been developed by the paediatric service of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to aid and enhance the care of children with ophthalmic conditions. Content on this section is approved by a dedicated team of clinical and non-clinical professionals. 

The Children’s Information Group aims to:

  • produce fun, informative information for children and teenagers undergoing treatment at any eye hospital
  • engage children through age appropriate material specially designed to aid in the promotion of eye health and eye related information.

Patient and public involvement

We would be pleased to hear any comments you might have about the design, layout, accessibility and content of this section of our website. Let us know what you like and don’t like and what you think works well for your child. If you have any free time and would be willing to take part with your child in helping us assess the effectiveness of this section, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



The information provided on this section of the website should never be considered as a substitute for professional healthcare by a qualified doctor or other healthcare professional, which will be tailored to a patient’s individual circumstances. Whilst all information has been checked by a clinician, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cannot take responsibility if you rely solely on the information on this section of our website.

Last updated: 7th March 2018