The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital

The third volume of The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital, by Peter Leaver, records the development of the hospital during the 40 year period 1963 to 2003. Beautifully produced by the Royal Society of Medicine Press, with over 60 illustrations, it is available to members of the Moorfields Association at the discounted price of £25 (RRP £35).

How to order your copy

To order your copy of The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital at the discounted price, please contact:

Telephone: 020 7251 1240

Volumes I and II

Volume I of the Moorfields History, by Edward Treacher-Collins (first published 1929), describing the first 100 years, and Volume II, by Frank Law (first published 1975), detailing the period 1905 to 1975, are now available in the same format as the new volume and at the same price.

There is also a three-volume set in a slip-case at the special price of £60.

Reviews of volume III

“…this volume is a good read, particularly if approached as the author intended…and the book is written in the typically clear and polished style reminiscent of his own scientific contributions.”- British Journal of Ophthalmology (May 2005)

The book, published in 2004, has been favourably reviewed in a number of journals, by both ophthalmologists and medical historians alike.

“This engaging account, interspersed with provocative anecdotes, describes the people and events from 1963 to 2003 that shaped one of the world’s oldest and largest eye hospitals. Peter Leaver…gives the inside story of how Moorfields met the technological and socio-political challenges of the late 20th century…the author provides clear and nimble insight into its history. Through interviews and recollections, the reader is taken behind the scenes to glimpse the hospital’s achievements.”

- American Journal of Ophthalmology (June 2005)
The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital Volume III
The History of Moorfields Eye Hospital Volume III

“…this finely presented history deserves reading by more than those with direct links with Moorfields. It offers an insight into the way many hospitals work, and what it is like to work in them.” 

- Official journal of the International Society for the History of Medicine (December 2004)

“…the author is to be congratulated for presenting Moorfields’ enormous contribution to ophthalmology over the past 40 years to the general public. It is meticulously written, packed with information, and the many coloured plates illustrate the people and life in Moorfields hospital.”

- Medical Sciences Historical Society (2004)

“In this book, the author… has aimed to present a detailed history of the last 40 years at Moorfields Eye Hospital, but in the context of an enjoyable and insightful read.”

- Doctors Net (September 2004)

“…reading Leaver’s delightful account…it becomes apparent why the Moorfields name is synonymous with ophthalmic excellence worldwide…any ophthalmologist interested in the historical pursuit of ophthalmic excellence will find the text splendid reading.”

- Archives of Ophthalmology (June 2005):