GP teaching and events

Moorfields GP professional development

Moorfields offer a professional development programme for GPs delivered by leading consultant ophthalmologists to help improve patient care, and closer working relationships between our consultants and primary care professionals.

Educational events 

The main focus of our GP events is for:

  • GPs to benefit from practical tips and take-home messages that will help improve local treatment
  • GPs to have an opportunity to ask questions about individual specialties and how to make appropriate referrals
  • Consultants to update GPs on new developments in clinical practice within Moorfields
  • Consultants and GPs to form supportive relationships

You will receive a certificate of attendance and reflective learning document to go towards your CPD learning points and revalidation portfolio.

If you’d like to attend one of the seminars please contact our Primary Care relationship team or call 020 7253 3411 x6362.

GP and consultant meeting opportunities

Meeting opportunities can be arranged for consultants and GPs. We have a set of different streams which would enable GPs to get Moorfields education locally:

  • CCG (Formal locality General Ophthalmology) an educational slot with the CCG that has a Moorfields presence presenting the Common Eye Condition management talks.
  • Host hub hospitals PGMC agenda – To ensure that ophthalmology offers educational input to the yearly calendar
  • Ad-Hoc Requests/Planned - Education requested by GP practices/Moorfields clinicians

The sessions provide an opportunity for professionals to share knowledge and expertise, and also develop a good working relationship.

If you would like to arrange for one of our clinicians to attend your practice, network or CCG meeting, contact our Primary Care relationship team or call 020 7253 3411 x6362.


Last updated: 5th November 2019