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Update on ophthalmic medicine shortages April 2023

There are currently UK-wide shortages of some eye medications.

Our pharmacy team is receiving an increased number of calls and emails from patients as a result of these shortages, which we are unable to respond to. We are communicating with patients via our website, advising them to ask their local pharmacy about alternative options.Please direct patients to their local pharmacy and not to Moorfields.
The following table lists affected stock, timescales for resolution, and suggests temporary alternatives.

Please note, if the medication is not listed in the table – there is not a shortage.

Please be aware that at present there are very limited/no UK supplies of pilocarpine 4% eye drops, Diamox SR® 250mg Prolonged-release Capsules, Verkazia and Ikervis – please see details below of the alternatives used at Moorfields:

Product out of stock

Due back date

Temporary alternatives (considered by Moorfields)

Pilocarpine 4% eye drops

28 April 2023

Consider pilocarpine 1% or 2% eye drops and adjusting the frequency to control the intraocular pressure.

Consider unlicensed (specials) pilocarpine 4% preservative free eye drops

Diamox SR® 250mg Prolonged-release Capsules

31 July 2023

All Moorfields glaucoma patients to be transferred to acetazolamide tablets 250mg at a dose of 125mg (half a tablet) THREE times a day as suggested by the Glaucoma Service

Ikervis® and Verkazia®


Intermittent supply until mid-May

If Ikervis is unavailable use Verkazia (and vice versa). They are both ciclosporin eye drops 1mg/mL – the contents are identical.


If neither are available, (Moorfields patients) should contact the medical secretary of the appropriate consultant to either change therapy or stop it.



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Last updated: 26th April 2023