Tell is if you are a carer

We know it can often be difficult to provide support to someone close to you, especially if you feel unsupported yourself. Moorfields recognises the vital role that carers play in supporting people who use our services and we ensure that your details as a carer are recorded within the patient’s record.

How we can help you

Ask for a carers assessment

A carer’s assessment is free for anyone over the age of 18 who cares for an adult and will help to identify what support you might need as a carer. The person you care for can attend your assessment with you if you are both happy with this. You can request a carers assessment by contacting adult social care in the area that you live or you can ask a member of staff to refer you 

Find your local authority (adult social care) via this link:

Johns Campaign

In January 2017 Moorfields signed up to Johns Campaign to pledge our commitment to supporting the carers of patients with dementia. The aim of the campaign is to encourage and support carers, which includes allowing carers to stay with their loved ones in hospital (where practicable) and allowing carers to be involved in the care provided to patients in hospital if they so wish.

This recognises that patients with dementia will have a better patient experience and it will facilitate their recovery and well being if a person they are close to stays with them and provides support to them in hospital.

Further support

To find out what services for carers are local to you please go to

Last updated: 21st October 2019