Contact Lens FAQ

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have likely had to reschedule your appointment. A new appointment will be sent to you at a future date. In the meantime, please read the FAQs below to help you with any questions you may have about self-care at home. Please take extra care of your lenses and pay strict attention to good cleaning and hygiene practices.

We must stress that during this time you take extra special care of your lenses and pay strict attention to good cleaning and hygiene practices. Clean your lenses properly, and following this advice (scroll to bottom of page), and ensure that you wash your hands before handling them or touching your eyes. Do not shower, swim in or over-wear your lenses.

Do not sleep in them unless that is part of your management plan. Information on how to insert, remove and clean your lenses is available here. If you have any questions on any of this, you can contact us on 02075662100. Local opticians are a good first point of contact for all general concerns about your eyes with many remaining open providing essential and urgent eye care during this time.

My routine follow-up appointment has been cancelled. Should I worry?

No. Routine follow ups are to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and that your lenses fit well. Although these checks are important, they can be safely deferred.

I have been referred to the contact lens service as a new patient, but my appointment was cancelled. Should I worry?

No. Deferring your contact lens fitting will not affect the overall outcome. A rescheduled appointment will be sent to you in due course.

I am running out of contact lens solutions. What should I do?

The hospital is not open for buying contact lens solutions, but all of those we prescribe are available either in high street opticians, pharmacies or online.

How do I order more contact lenses from Moorfields?

To order lenses, please call 02075662100, or email

Please note that during this time it is possible that we will experience issues with supply and manufacture of certain lenses.

My eye is red and sore. What should I do?

Over-wear of contact lenses and allergies can both cause these symptoms, but in these cases, the symptoms are usually in both eyes. Taking a break from your lenses is often enough to alleviate some symptoms. In the case of a new red and sore eye, or one which doesn’t get better after a break from contact lenses, it is important to discuss these symptoms with a professional. Please call your local optometrist, and failing this, call our nurse advice line on 0207 566 2345.

I have a corneal transplant, when should I attend A+E?

You should come to A+E if your eye is red and/or painful, or if you have sudden, dramatic and persistent reduction in vision.

I have a KPro, what should I do with my drops?

You should continue using all of your drops as prescribed since your last hospital visit. If you need a repeat prescription during this time, it can only be obtained through your GP.

I normally have my bandage lens replaced regularly, how often should I have this replaced now?

We will continue to replace your lens(es) at its regular intervals; the timing of these appointments will depend upon your individual circumstances and eye condition. If you have concerns regarding traveling into hospital due to other health issues, please contact us.

I have a KPro, when should I attend A+E?

You should come to A+E if your eye is red and/or painful, or if you notice a sudden, dramatic and persistent reduction in vision. You should not attend A&E if you have run out of drops, but instead should contact your GP for a repeat prescription.

I wear a cosmetic contact lens and am having problems with my lens. What should I do?

If your eye is showing signs of infection, then please follow the advice in ‘My eye is red and sore…’ (above).  If you feel that your lens is damaged, please discontinue wearing it and contact us for a replacement.

I wear a cosmetic or bandage contact lens in an eye which is blind.

In this circumstance, it is safe to continue wearing your lens beyond its planned replacement schedule. For example, if you usually replace your lens every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, it is fine to continue wearing it longer than usual. If your eye becomes red or painful however, you should attend A&E.

I have confirmed or suspected COVID-19 with symptoms of the virus. Should I still wear my contact lenses?

Generally speaking, you should avoid contact lens wear if you have a viral infection since the eyes can be irritated and you are likely to be sleeping during the day.

Should I manage my contact lenses differently to avoid contracting COVID-19?

No. You should continue to practice good lens and hand hygiene and ensure you follow the recommended cleaning and storage advice. There is no need to replace your lenses more frequently than usual.

Last updated: 27th March 2020